Champion_intruck_black_HR_smallMade for work trucks, our built-in toolboxes store wrenches, drills, hammers, screwdrivers, and much more right in the back of your truck. Easy access means getting the job done fast. There are several types including saddle, hi-side, underbed, cross, lo-side, and pork chop boxes along with all-purpose chests. With the ability to lock, built-in toolboxes on trucks offer a great place for additional storage of just about anything.

Just a couple of brand names we trust for towing accessories include Luverne and Weather Guard.

Durango Truck Accessories carries towing products such as hitches and other components needed to tow a trailer, boat, or RV. We work with some of the best brands in the industry and carry a wide variety of products.

B & W

This brand represents the future technology in manufacturing. Headquartered in Humboldt, Kansas, this employee owned company makes gooseneck, RV, and receiver hitches as well as truck cab protectors, ball mounts, ATV accessories, and motorcycling towing equipment.


This brand offers American made, custom fit receiver hitches and wiring harnesses for nearly every vehicle. They also have trailer hitches, towing systems, and accessories. This company is headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and has 10 regional warehouses.

Gooseneck Hitches

Durango Truck Accessories carries gooseneck hitches, which can be a 5th wheel or inverted ball hitch attachment. Both straight trucks and tractor trailer rigs can use these hitches.

Receiver Hitches

These types of hitches are perfect for towing mid-sized RVs or trailers, boats, and horse trailers. Powder coated for corrosion resistance, they are compatible with 2” ball mounts. They are shaped like a bracket with one long bar and a hitch attachment in front and two short bars on each side that connect to the vehicle.

5th Wheel

This type of hitch head is mounted to the hitch body using a bearing that allows the head to move in four directions, offering reduced noise and easier coupling. Smooth, fluid pivoting makes this product easy to use, connect, and disconnect. It has a square base with triangular sides and long rectangular legs, with a round mounting wheel on top of the base.

Towing Packages

Contrary to the idea that a tow package is nothing more than a trailer hitch, there are many valuable components included in this product from Durango Truck Accessories. The tow hitch is the core of the package in the form of a ball or receiver hitch. It also includes wiring that allows the trailer to connect to lighting systems.

Also in tow packages are suspension and brakes upgrades, a larger heat exchanger in the radiator for the transmission, and drive train modifications. We will customize the package for your needs, whether they are for light or heavy weight towing.