Tork Lift Camper Tie Downs at Durango Truck Accessories


There are several ways to attach a camper top to a truck. However, certain methods require altering the truck in a way that is unstable for the camper, and harmful to the truck itself. Tork Lift tie-downs take every precaution to care for the integrity of the truck and the camper. They are made of steel, and thus are extremely durable and able to withstand any element that you might subject your truck to.

One concern that many have when attaching something to the frame of the truck is that their vehicle could be losing valuable ground clearance. With Tork Lift tie downs, ground clearance remains the same, and when the camper is not attached, the design of the tie-down allows it to be fully hidden from sight. The tie-downs are American made and come equipped with a lifetime warranty. The design of the tie-down dramatically improves the handling of the vehicle as compared to other trucks using other brands of camper tie-downs. There is no swaying of the vehicle to be noted when using the Tork Lift tie-downs. Where many tie-downs utilize the bed and the bumper, Tork Lift only uses the frame. This is notable because when attaching to the frame, there is no room for destruction in the bed of the truck where you would otherwise be attaching bolts.

No drilling into the vehicle is required which keeps the value of the vehicle intact. Of course, this is exactly what every vehicle owner hopes for when attaching anything to the vehicle. Also, the fact that the camper is attached to the frame creates a more stable environment when driving and when parked. The installations of these camper tie-down mounts are simple, quick, and incredibly sturdy. At Durango Truck Accessories, you can bring your truck in and before you know it, you’ll be on your way with a perfectly discreet camper top attachment kit. Tork Lift tie-downs now come with the option of being able to lock your tie-down onto your vehicle, and thus your camper top onto your vehicle. The camper top you’ve been thinking about just became a little more tempting, didn’t it? Come in today so we can install your Tork Lift camper tie-down kit!


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