UntitledDurango Truck Accessories has several interior accessories available. We have dash mats, which cover your dashboard to protect it from fading with the sun or cracking. Seat covers add extra comfort, extend the life of your seats, and add color to the interior of your truck, all while keep seats cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Protective accessories such as cargo liners are placed in the trunk or hatchback area and have a rubber, grooved surface. They protect your car from sand, moisture, and spills and keep items from sliding around in the back while driving.

Cargo organizers are great for all the small things you keep in your car, ensuring your car stays neat and you can find everything you need, when you need it. Center consoles provide extra storage space between the two front seats. We also have dog barriers to contain your pet when they ride with you and step shields which make it easier to get in and out of your vehicle. Our interior accessories brands include Husky Liners, Covercraft, and Wet Okole to name a few.


We also have exterior accessories including, bed caps, which cover your truck bed to keep supplies and cargo out of the weather elements and secure them when you are away from your truck, also known as Tonneau Toppers. Spray-on liners are made with specially formulated polymers that permanently bond to your truck’s bed and protect it from any type of weather.

Steps for your truck make it easier to get in and out, especially for shorter adults and children.They mount to the bottom of your truck’s frame right under each door, providing an easy to find step for getting into a taller truck. Truck grille guards are a popular exterior accessory in the Durango, CO area, and help to protect the front end of your truck from potential impacts with deer, trees, branches, or rocks on the roads.

We also offer chrome and rubber bumpers along with hitches so you can haul things like a small trailer, boat, bikes, or ATVs. Our exterior accessories include the brands Bushwacker, Speed Liners, B&W, Weather Tech, Weather Guard, Ranch Hand, Extang, Westin, and Warn.

Camper Shells

2014-silverado-1500-overviewDurango Truck Accessories has camper shells available, which cover and connect the truck bed to the truck’s back windows. There are smaller shells for storage only or larger ones that extend over the top of the truck where you can put a bed inside to sleep.

There are also styles with a top shelf for a mattress and compartments underneath for storage and sleeping space. They will fit small pick-up trucks and large trucks, and are made from canvas, fiberglass, or metal to match the truck body.


Essential for road trips and sport excursions, we have roof racks that will hold bicycles, hunting game, luggage, canoes, and more. These can be chrome or black colored and are screwed in securely to the top of the truck. We will find the right size and style for your truck, and make sure it is installed properly for the highest quality in performance.